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Meet Today’s Most Important Academic Standards


Engage Every Student with Dynamic Online Resources


Digital Editions

Project the magazine for your whole class and zoom in on essential text features like diagrams, charts, maps, and graphs.


Printable Skills Sheets

Four skills sheets—each focusing on a different scientific domain—accompany each feature article to connect it to multiple scientific disciplines.


Searchable Archive

Find specific stories to meet your needs or search past stories to create your own paired-text activities.



Get your students excited to read and learn with four engaging videos per issue (with closed-captioning).  


Interactive Trivia Game

Test your students’ reading comprehension for each issue across the entire year.


Breaking Science News

Keep your students up to date on today’s most important science news and research findings.         


Cover Must-Teach Topics All Year Long

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Save Prep Time with Comprehensive Teacher's Guide


Teach Important Science Practices and Build Key Academic Skills