Chocolate Chip Reinvented


CHOCOLATE CHUNK: Dandelion Chocolate’s new chip is solid at room temperature and melts evenly when heated—perfect for baked goods like chocolate chip cookies!

Classic teardrop-shaped chocolate chips have been around for decades. But recently, these iconic morsels got a makeover to improve their tastiness. The California company Dandelion Chocolate teamed up with industrial designer Remy Labesque to create a thin chip that melts on your tongue but holds its shape when baked.

Labesque’s new chip looks like a flattened diamond. He discovered that some parts of the chip need to be thicker than others for the chip to remain a chunk in the oven. The thinnest edges of this chip are about as thick as a paper clip. The company is thrilled with Labesque’s new design: “We paid him in chocolate,” says Jennifer Roy, of Dandelion Chocolate.

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Skills Sheets (2)