Role Models


Less than 30 percent of all researchers are women—even though they make up half of the world’s population. That can make it difficult for girls to find female role models to encourage them to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). But a new series of posters hopes to raise awareness of the contributions of women researchers.

The posters came about as part of the Nevertheless podcast, an online radio show that features stories from diverse perspectives in science and technology. Producers Hugh Garry and Anjali Ramachandran asked listeners to share female role models who led them to enter STEM fields. Then the pair commissioned posters from a team of international female artists to showcase those role models.

Anyone can visit the podcast’s website to print out the artwork and hang the posters to draw attention to the achievements of women in STEM. “We wanted to produce something beautiful to inspire people,” says Garry.