Too Much Fortnite?


LATEST CRAZE: More than 80 million users play Fortnite each month.

Millions of people play Fortnite, an online game where players battle to be the last character standing. The game is so popular that some parents worry their kids are spending an unhealthy amount of time playing—and they might be right.

The World Health Organization recently added gaming disorder to its list of internationally recognized diseases. People with the disorder can’t stop playing video games even if they want to. Their playing may cause them to lose friends, fall behind in class, and develop other health problems.

Loving to play video games, or even playing them a lot, doesn’t mean you have a disorder, cautions Petros Levounis. He is the head of psychiatry at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. “But if you think that you may be overdoing it, or find yourself unable to cut down, don’t be afraid to ask for help.”