Crazy Coaster


DEVILISHLY FUN: On most roller coasters, riders sit side by side in pairs. But on the one-rail Jersey Devil, they ride single file.

Buckle up! A record-breaking roller coaster recently opened at Six Flags Great Adventure theme park in Jackson Township, New Jersey. The Jersey Devil Coaster is the world’s tallest, fastest, and longest single-rail coaster, meaning its cars run on only one rail instead of the usual two.

The ride begins with a heartpounding drop from a platform more than 13 stories tall. The downward pull of gravity sends riders plummeting down the 915 meter (3,000 foot)-long track at nearly 97 kilometers (60 miles) per hour. Along the way, they experience steep drops, tight turns, and three flips. Rapid changes in direction “make the coaster more exciting and intense,” says Marc Johnson, an engineer at Rocky Mountain Construction, which created the ride.

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Skills Sheets (2)
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